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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i don't know if any of you guys got tips for me...

about 6 months ago i started having anger issues after waking up in the moring. it got me wooried and i did the most stupid thing... i went to public hospital, they kept me there for a week and did bloodtest as well as EGG test. When i left the hospital My psychiatrist suggest me to try anti-psychotic drugs. i told him NO! but he insisted that i give it a try for 6 weeks at a very low dosage...

After 3 weeks i called him and told him that im stoping because i don't like what this anti-psychotic crap is doing to me. (i didn't told him my spiritual experiances, he would mark me as schzophrenic.)

the first day i took "AriPiPrazole" I just kept seeing white ripples in my vision, along with the usal purple,blue circular haze.

as i took the pills my freinds remarked a 400% boost in happyness.

When i stoped. BAM, Massive depression!

Right before this i had a dream in which my godess or spiritual guardian was lending her hand to try and catch me from falling down, we were both crying..
Then in a sudden the fallowing dreams are uter nonsense.

i felt ive lost something. The anger issues came back along with sadness. 1 month later, i had a dream in which 5 indian like diety came to me and told me "Everything is illusion".
I replied, off course, i know that! But,still why what we percive as reality seem so far disconected from anything we can experiance on the spiritual, astral and dream front?

Why the matter on "reality" is just that much resiliant to our thoughts?

After that a small draconic worm jumped in my face and i felt the "kundalini" Blue light. I had a massive ripple vision above everything i was seeing, like if all i was seeing was vibrations!

Later on, i asked help from an esoteric healer...she sees and talks to angels.

Which made me doubt for a sec, but went on anyway, i was tired of suffering these anger issues. She told me she removed a "Demon" from my spine that was there ever since i was 4 years old...Then she moved on to purify the home.

Here's the killer for me... After that 5 weeks passed to this day. The first week was only frigin nightmares.
The dreams i have been having ever since Uterly confuse me!
As i reconise my body,my thoughts,my intuition but when i dream i reconise nothing at all of my being... On top of that i seems to have lost all abilities i did intuitivly during dreams!

I don't know if she really helped me, but now im a mess inside myself! I try to look inside, but i can't find shit and feel betrayed somehow.
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker

A demon? What do you know, or can say about this esoteric healer and the practices? Can you describe any of what was performed?

I don't like the term "schizophrenia" because most shamans would be labeled as schizophrenic, or at least the more capable ones. This seems to be partly a product of our Western materialist/reductonist/sketpic society that is only concerned with the visible surface of things.

It is funny, that we have "Christians" which somehow think they are in tune with, or in touch with spiritual shit, yet they blindly embrace this sort of non-spiritual mindset.

This is why I say that religions are mostly veiled "political" institutions, and generally deal in deception to keep the people at bay, certain few in "power" and in "control", and for people to not ask too many questions, to toe-the-line, and to shut up.

Valid "spiritual phenomena" is often regarded or seen as "mental illness."

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