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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
she said it was a demon but honestly... i doubt it!

she said the thing was twirling around my spine and that she got it out... Also i contacted her last week and she told me the reason i feel disoriented is because my being doesn't have the faith.... Straight up i felt manipulated.

she was chanting some jesus christ songs and doing chakra ballancing i presume. like some sort of massage
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker

Kundalini is said to reside in the sacrum, in 3 and a half coils at the base of the spine. I would not doubt that many people undergo Kundalini Awakening with no clue as to what it is, and it is the same with the "medical professionals" that they will run to for so-called "help." But even they do not understand this, or even accept this as "fact," or even as a possibility, because of our Western culture of materialist reductionism, so they will dismiss it, and treat it as "disease."

I can't say that that is what you were experiencing, but I did, so I figured out what it was, and luckily, I had a bit of a support network in that one of the medical doctors that I work with is a Hindu, and she is involved in the spiritual aspects of her Eastern culture (the other Hindu doctor, he is not, though he was marginally familiar because of his family and upbringing, just did not pursue it...)

We are in interesting times indeed, as all is coming to Light, if you will. The veils are thinning, all is being uncovered and revealed. No longer will the liars and deceivers be able to continue to promulgate their lies and deceitful doctrines at the expense of your spiritual freedom.

We are one; we are none.

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