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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
she said it was a demon but honestly... i doubt it!

she said the thing was twirling around my spine and that she got it out... Also i contacted her last week and she told me the reason i feel disoriented is because my being doesn't have the faith.... Straight up i felt manipulated.

she was chanting some jesus christ songs and doing chakra ballancing i presume. like some sort of massage
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker

Is she doing some hybrid jesus reiki?

Demons - red flag.

YOU don't have faith? - red flag.

The person I work with has never been negative to me in any way. Never told me I was doing something wrong. Has never questioned my faith in or out of readings. Red flags all over the place.

It is hard for me to say some of this because I do have "belief systems" that I should study imparted to me during readings. Those are coming from spirit guides being channeled. I feel how I receive that information is different though from a conversation with this particular worker had when they are not "channeling." IN readings they are truly tapping into me and my needs. Not theirs.

In lucid conversations they do not tell me what to do based on their systems. They answer the questions I have graciously and without judgement. Ever. Has been nothing but warm and welcoming.

I have since encountered other authentic teachers and healers. They all work in different ways. One seems to know which books I will do better with. The other just tells me stuff at random that helps in the most wonderful ways. They really see and offer help without expecting anything in return. Never pushy. They guide. They do not push. There is a difference. It may be subtle in some cases but there is one.

Anyone looking to go to a healer or guide. Please research. Yellp is even worthwhile if need be. Also please be very careful in any internet dealings. There is something lost in not being able to look your guide in the eyes when they are working with you.

Personally I could not do reiki at this time because of all the extra energies ions lol coming in at this time off and on. Something about someone else touching me and messing with my aura/kundalini just does not set right at this time for me. This is very much about each of us on our own path with guidance from friends here and "there" now. EDIT: Somehow on our own oaths but staying connected to each other just the same in new and old ways.

This is like choosing a doctor lawyer what have you. You do build a very intimate relationship with them. They are looking at your soul. I did my research. Knew for years who it would be when the time came. I have never let just anyone "read" me.


Wanted to add that $ does make a difference. Make sure the charges are fair for the service. The only guide I pay for service is the main one I work with. The others I do purchase stuff in their shops, but the extra advice is unwarranted and always dead on. I get it whether I purchase something or not. They help because they are good people and authentic at what they do.
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