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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Professional Amateur
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Pretty sure with timing of our PM about this, it was the same night I had a "triptik" dream about earthquake or some sort of event that caused "rumbling." Triptik meaning a three part dream. I have them . The first part is non-significant. Something that happens that day. Then there is a middle part and third.

In this dream.

First part: Something meaningless happened at work that day. A marker to remember that dream.

Second part: In a large room with others. Floor starts rumbling moving. We run outside.

Third part: A lot of water.

If we looked back at threads that day there were a lot of heavy dreams that night with similar themes. Earthquakes. Floods. Comets.
 Quoting: NolaRising

I had a couple of disaster dreams this past week. One was what I thought was a nuclear explosion, but when I think back to it it wasn't. It was not a mushroom cloud but just a huge fireball explosion. Huge. The next night was a gigantic flood and I narrowly escaped. They were vivid and I rarely remember dreams the next day let alone a week later.
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