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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thread: Conversations with an E.T -Prophecy and whats to come.

Apparently we are on the wrong forum but this is pinned right now.
 Quoting: NolaRising

You're on the wrong damn forum because you and OP can't recognize a paid agent who's job it is to derail any thread that shows up on the first page.

What is the NUMBER ONE RULE about Trolls and Shills? Don't feed them. At all. Too late with that advice.

Which is really too bad, because I wrote several long posts addressing the subject at hand and got perfunctory responses, while you literally text-wall this AC every time they posts.

So now I'm trying to figure out if there was any truth to this thread at all. What happened with your OP, OP? Did you let enough time pass that it doesn't seem as important, as urgent as it did? Or did it not happen in the first place?

Sorry if I sound butthurt, I just can't stand it when interesting threads loose their way because people get pulled into "the drama" these PreDev's excel at stirring up.

 Quoting: aHEMagain

Oh, we were just having fun on a slow Saturday. :) Besides, my thread quickly gets buried with the typical bullshit on here.

That guy was just a little kid most likely. School's out and all that. There is no way that that idiot was paid by anyone. If so, then we win. That crop is not viable for any sort of harvest, whatsoever. It kept the thread on the front page for a while though...

An interesting thread popped up afterward, and I was going to link it here after catching up on it from last night.

Most of my stuff has went to email and off-site because it is quite esoteric and would not make any sense, even in this thread, or it is not appropriate for public.

Don't worry though, I will post things of interest as they come. I may try to go this person's house soon. He is an hour and a half away though, and I do have a family to take care of every day... and a job, unlike Mr. Troll...
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