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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pretty sure with timing of our PM about this, it was the same night I had a "triptik" dream about earthquake or some sort of event that caused "rumbling." Triptik meaning a three part dream. I have them . The first part is non-significant. Something that happens that day. Then there is a middle part and third.

In this dream.

First part: Something meaningless happened at work that day. A marker to remember that dream.

Second part: In a large room with others. Floor starts rumbling moving. We run outside.

Third part: A lot of water.

If we looked back at threads that day there were a lot of heavy dreams that night with similar themes. Earthquakes. Floods. Comets.
 Quoting: NolaRising

I had a couple of disaster dreams this past week. One was what I thought was a nuclear explosion, but when I think back to it it wasn't. It was not a mushroom cloud but just a huge fireball explosion. Huge. The next night was a gigantic flood and I narrowly escaped. They were vivid and I rarely remember dreams the next day let alone a week later.
 Quoting: Professional Amateur

Thanks for sharing your dream:)
 Quoting: AkashicRecord

Good Morning ye who holds the records : ) Did we dream?


CRAP yes. I would say my fireball and flooding dreams started and kept up for months in 09/10.

One of the first I remember is I am laying on my back in the middle of the street in New Orleans. A man at the time I thought was a close friend of mine, but may be my husband in actuality, is standing over me. His legs like an upside down V, he is holding a shotgun. I am crying. He keeps bending down and kissing me, soothing me, Brushing my forehead. Telling me it is going to be alright. What I am freaking out about is all of the fireballs in the sky over us. They are NOT military. They are fireballs.

There have been others where I wake up in my living room from a nap. Sun is shining. Water comes up under the door. Open it. Flooding from a direction that makes no sense. It goes on to more. This one repeated and comes around now and then. I actually threw out the pajamas I was wearing in it freaked me out so much. I have found I since replaced them with another set in the same color. FUCK.

Maybe a couple in 11/12. Then this year? WHAMMO! Several nights a week I am in a number of different scenarios on a number of related subjects.

I also had a dream back in the late 90's early 2000's about being in a New Orleans house and flooding. I never felt it was a Katrina type thing. Wait, no. Maybe it was. We were renting a house in the dream from the LANDLORD we were during Katrina. We were not renting form them at the time of the dream. We knew them. WOW. The flooding in that dream was the same amount we had in that house. CRAP. Sorry rambling but that just told me I dreamed Katrina maybe 6 years before??? Also all the spring of 2005 I dreamed of levees over topping. When she came that summer, I knew a full week before hand. Kat was IT. I KNEW. We left before the mandatory evac was even called. Packed up all we could because I KNEW we would not be back for weeks at the very least.

I know our confused troll is gone but LISTEN TO YOUR DREAMS they are a window to reality.
 Quoting: NolaRising

I couldn't remember any dream from last night, but it is somewhat rare that I do. Though I KNOW that I have them, it just may be that I am not meant to remember all of them.

I do want to mention an old dream that I had about 2 years ago. Maybe less.

This particular dream was very vivid, unlike most, and it had myself and my family standing out in our front yard looking up at what seemed to be a mostly daylit sky.
(I'm grabbing something from Google image search that might look "sort of similar" to what I recall it looking like within the dream...though it isn't perfect by any means...)

My family and I were standing in the front yard looking up at the sky, and it was basically daytime, which was the interesting part. Looking up, we saw something very bright in the sky. The fact that it was visible during the day was really impressive. Next to us, on our left, was a tree stump. This was actually the most bizarre and confusing part, because we have a tree in our front yard if standing where we were positioned in the dream. Or should I say, we HAD a tree there...

Months later, one calm night, no wind.., no storms.., there was a loud noise out front, so I ran outside because it scared the shit out of everyone in the house. That tree had completely split down right down the middle, and half of it essentially fell into the road, though still mostly connected to the base of the tree. A few days later, our friend helped us cut it down to the small stump that it is now.

I later remembered this dream, and the fact that there was a stump in it. Now we have that stump... You could say that we are now waiting for the sky object. :)

It was not a scary dream at all, and in fact, it was actually very fascinating, and beautiful. I didn't necessarily get the impression that it was coming AT the Earth, as the image might seem. The "visual" part was more fuzzy than the "impression" of things like the tree stump, and such.

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