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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle ExploringTheTruth
Post Content
[link to s1350.photobucket.com]

Can some one put this in 3-D?

This should be in a sphere, not a circle. I can see it. If you put it in a sphere, it is going to look similar to a ley line map. Kind of.
 Quoting: wishiwas

Thank you for your comment, i never thought of that.
Not sure how yo do it tho.

One Love!
 Quoting: ExploringTheTruth

Asked the kids if they had anything that would help me with this, when I got home. They don't, so other than trying to build an actual sphere and fill it myself, then take a pic of it, I can't help.

I can see it in my minds eye, but I am a terrible artist, so making something like this will probably not work.

Sorry man!
 Quoting: wishiwas

No probs at all... Thanks a lot for trying tho!

One Love,
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