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Single question: If we were to be invaded, what is the possibility that veterans and patriots scattered to the four winds would galvanize? That a million trained combat vets, if that many even existed, could realistically overcome the overwhelming logistical considerations necessary to unify? Comms cut, roads blocked, eyes in the sky. Do you really think that they're prepared to abandon their families and the knows, which would be marginally manageable in a panic; likely unfit physically, and with inadequate amounts of food, water, and ammo? All to stare down an enemy that could very well resemble themselves? Two words: no way. There would certainly be some laudable resistance, but it would truly require a miracle to defend against an organized invader otherwise. When since WWII, is anyone even aware of a plan to defend our shores at the ready? Couldn't possibly happen without co-opting the civilian population. And I'm DAMN sure I don't recall anyone at any level of government organizing training for such ever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35212804

They may be a few pounds heavier and a few milli seconds slower but they would hold their own if organized and I'm sure there are plenty of ret Military officers who at this moment are poring over maps and planning ahead ..... just a precaution you understand. As for standing against an organized and trained enemy you forget the American people have done it before during the unpleasantness that ended at York Town, thankfully we are past that. tounge
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12990456

We NEVER got past it. Following the war of 1812, when the British were decidedly not going to quarter troops in the US any longer for the purpose of exploiting the resources here, they instead introduced a banking cartel that was finally recognized by Wilson's administration and actually defended by US to date. Sickening.

I stand by the assertion that it's not statistically likely we could galvanize in order to defend ourselves. And it's not because my heart isn't straight in that. As I mentioned earlier, my brain is telling me the list of variables necessary to overcome is simply overwhelming.

As for active duty military developing contingencies on their own? I refuse to discuss that. So will they. Besides, who domestically will even have the latitude to assemble in the interest of forming a militia? Try it RIGHT NOW and see what kind of reception you're met with when we're NOT on a wartime footing. And the majority of our combat troops are deployed, so don't plan on holding out for the cavalry.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35212804

You are talking about decisions made by government's, frankly you give us far too much credit, no one could have seen that far into the future and predicted the American government would have formed the Fed, I'm afraid that your government let that jin out of the bottle ... we didn't do that for you. I didn't ask for information regarding retired Officer's you just inferred that yourself from what I wrote.
Look let me tell you something, your War of independence, although an important historical event, mean's nothing to people in Britain. To us it was just another avoidable colonial bush war that we had to spend our treasure and the lives of our young men on, sadly one of many.
To be honest you should be looking to your own defeatist attitude to an event that has not even happened as the problem not a War that happened over 200 years ago.
If you already believe yourself to be lost then invariably you will be.
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