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I think we need to consider that Muslims are very divided too!

Both Sunni and Shi'ite have been at each others throats for centuries.

With Egypt being predominately of the Sunni variety, it seemed to matter little to the West who got in post-Mubarak as part of the 'Arab Spring', as long as Mubarak was outed. In the event it was MB who were one of many of the yet-again sub-divided groups that make up the majority Sunni part of Muslim in Egypt who won a rather low-turnout election. Also it seems that Al'Quaeda would have to fall into the Sunni camp according to what I've read.

Syria is 74% Sunni and 13% Shi'ite and ruled by Bashar al-Assad who appears to be a Shi'ite

Iran is 9% Sunni and 89% Shi'ite.

If you generalise, probably not a good idea though, then to get a regime-change in Syria..just arm several Sunni groups within Syria and it'll take care of itself! To assist just get shot of Mubarak and 'influence' the incoming Sunni Government, so as to take care of Syria.

Maybe the entire exercise is to de-stabilise Iran by surrounding them with all-Sunni Countries rather than doing another 'Iraq'?

I wonder how many of the original demonstraters during the rise to the Arab Spring in Iran were of the Sunni variety?

Bottom line is that therer are so many sub-groups within the Muslim faith that it's difficult to figure what the fuck is going on.

Hoping that this confused you as much as it did I while trying to figure it out...and I'm still not much the wiser for it! But I learned some things that I was unaware of.
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