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Can someone please tell me in a summarized paragraph or something, and try to fill me in? I just don't understand why?
 Quoting: Tasty THC

Is it possible that you have been living under a rock for the last five years, and if you have, it must be very crowded.

Remember back to the "Arab Spring" when GOD and Obama brought forth the great ideology of democracy to the poor uneducated Arabs, allowing them the right to over-throw their legal government in order to install their own brand of opressive government called Sharia law, the Law of the islamic faithful.

Since Obama is known to be an Islamic supporter, he is willing to use any means at his disposal; murder, lies, treason; in order to fulfill his mission to help create as many hard-line oppressive islamic States as can be forced and yet still somehow pretend that he is still really a Christian to the rest of the civilized world.

Even though bound by the Constitutional laws of this country, he decided that he has a right to pick and choose which laws he will allow himself to be bound, and ignore those that prohibit him from actually doing that which his Islamic masters have dictated him to commit in defence of Islamic dogma.

Again, since the US Constitution forbids the arming, supplying, and open acceptance of any group or groups that are, by their very acts, terrorists, known to be attempting to over-throw any legitimate government in order to instal an illegal Islamic State, as defined by the Constitution.
 Quoting: 071676
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