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Geo-politics of the Middle East and the various aims and goals of the groups vying for control over military and political movements there are a little beyond the average GLP partisan windbag.

The most interesting thing is seeing the right wingers not understand how to explain Egypt, because the Obama admin isn;t doing anything to directly endorse any side outside of condemn the obvious violence.

I would think after the many months of people associating Obama with the MB it would be easy to try and make that association now, when the MB really need the help, where is there man on the inside Obama? No where....

The military knows it has the will of the people in Egypt, so they are acting on behalf of them or as they see it in the peoples best interests. The June 30th demonstrations to oust Mursi were much larger than the astroturfed "More tents than people" MB sit ins.

The majority of Egyptian people clearly do not want any type of Theocracy, and prefer secular politicians and political powers. They didn't like what Mursi attempted to do(for good reason) and knew it would be impossible to remove him if he were to continue operating as he was. They know the military in Egypt, and probably trust them a lot more than someone like Mursi.

The Salafist Party won nearly 24% of the vote in the Egyptian election, so they have recently switched gears and changed their stance on MB in Egypt, and now back the Egyptian military interim rulers.

Salafists are much more 'Islamic' than anything in the MB, lol. They are the same ultra-conservative brand of Islam that exists in Saudi Arabia.

Funny how that works huh?

OK you can go back to stupidly posting out of context photos of Obama and being confused.
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