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Poster Handle alter-ego
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Can someone please tell me in a summarized paragraph or something, and try to fill me in? I just don't understand why?
 Quoting: Tasty THC

You understand that Egypt's military is the second largest recipient of foreign aid from the United States behind Israel.

The U.S. is controlling both sides of the coin...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44002301

That aid isn't a way of controlling both sides, we are just continuing to fulfill our obligation stated in the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt (look up Camp David Accords) that Jimmy Carter signed. Both sides stop fighting; we give them both presents for complying.
 Quoting: alter-ego

Maybe not with Israel, but with Egypt it supplies the military with state of the art equipment and weapons and helps buy the top brass so...yeah actually it does control!

You really think billions of dollars won't control people? What turnip truck did you fall off of?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44002301

It doesn't matter who the brass are, they're going to continue receiving our support so long as they continue to comply with the treaty, which pretty much just means not taking offensive action against Israel.

A general can say fuck America and defy our wishes five ways till sunday but we'll still send our support because we have to by law. Stop it with your half-baked conspiracies and learn how the world works.

But what MIGHT happen is we MIGHT send in some insurgents and antagonize them until they fall back in line.

Now if the support was coming from, say, the IMF, then they'd be under our control.
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