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Message Subject 12 Year Old Girl Exposes Illuminati!
Poster Handle Lilbabez33
Post Content
I would rather have a child be aware then purposely made ignorant by ignorant parents. I was talking to a family member who has a child about this girls age, when I mentioned telling the child the truth when they learn false info in school on history. The mother's reply...."No, no, I want her to know what everyone else knows, don't tell her anything."
 Quoting: Lilbabez33

LOL damn sheeple. that is exactly like a friend I know. its so sad when parents wont even consider thinking outside the box. I applaud my kids when they come home from school and tell us about how backwards the teacher is. we never push them into anything. always asking what they think. We are letting our children grow while gathering the information them selves. My kids are already aware we live in a very backwards society. and the sooner they can grasp this fact the sooner they can start working too achieving something greater than this slavery people call life.

So to the people saying how sad and boo hoo that her mother is making her say these things. I can tell you now that this girl is very awake and mature and has her own view on this topic and most probably a lot of other topics too. Like current education standards or world hunger.
I mean look on this site and its easy too see that World governments are trying their hardest too keep us all in the dark about our food sources and our current collapsing banking structure among other things. Its time too stop being good quiet slaves. and start being revolutionists. Or this little girl and my kids will not have a good future ahead of them. It will be more slavery with less money and less food.

Also I think kids her age are probably more mature than most of the older idiots on this site. Most people once adults have been subjected too so much internet crap that they cant grasp what life is really about. She just sees that the world is in need of fixing and wants too do something about it.

hf smile_hearhearts
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