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Message Subject 12 Year Old Girl Exposes Illuminati!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The girls solution is for private citizens to stop borrowing from private banks and to start borrowing from the Bank of Canada

The bank of Canada is Canada's central bank

The bank of Canada started out privately owned but now it's owned by the minister of finance of behalf of her majesty

So her solution is for everyone to rely on the government for their loans?

Sounds like the girl has been indoctrinated by socialist parents
 Quoting: Simple_Man
Somebody else has finally hit on what I've been saying on this topic: The alternative to private banks is government-controlled banks; the alternative to fractional-reserve banking creating the money supply through loans is the government arbitrarily deciding how much money to print. How putting governments in charge of either of these functions could be considered superior to the free market and the private sector doing them is beyond belief.

Anyone who feels victimized by banks and credit should simply pull out of the banking system. Sell anything you borrowed money to buy, take that money and buy gold, then bury that gold in a vault in the back yard.

Contrary to the assumptions of people who rail against banks holding helpless people down and stealing their money, it is entirely possible to live without savings accounts or loans. You simply live a smaller, simpler life, don't buy anything you can't afford, pay cash for everything, and convert your cash to tangible assets as you can.
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