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Message Subject 12 Year Old Girl Exposes Illuminati!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So a 12 year old saying something confirms it's true?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45357872

Americans are notoriously anti-intellectual and anti-adulthood. Jesus said "be as a little child" and they think he meant be innocent of all adult knowledge, experience and wisdom. They get real excited about child preachers. Some also get excited about child prostitutes. Its the same blurring of adulthood and childhood that has Seven year olds in high heels and Forty year olds in children's play clothes.

This is a serious cultural problem. Out children cannot develop normally if they are pushed into adult roles too soon, and our middle aged children need to put aside the things of childhood and try to be adult.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5195044

What, so you can't question things as a young child? Our children want a good future for themselves, so of course at a young age they will question things.

Is asking questions about our money system and the status of the government by a 12 year old a badthing? No not so much.

Obviously our children have seen how we have ruthis county into ground and they a aware..They should be as the future awaits.
 Quoting: Ryan Cawdor

There is nothing wrong with a child asking questions and learning. There is something rather horrible about a child parroting adult opinionsbefore adult audiences wearing makeup like an adult.

I've been around gifted children all my life. I have a pretty good feel for the genuinely precocious learner and for the groomed and vetted child performer.
No way do I believe this girl is doing anything but reciting a speech she may not really understand. It is revolting.
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