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Message Subject 12 Year Old Girl Exposes Illuminati!
Poster Handle dat gurl
Post Content
dat gurl gave that speach several times over. it rather sounds like a story or fairy tale memorized and given for entertainment. and even so this whole incident is like from april of 2012 and even then it was first apparently given to some people in a rotary club even before and it was on the web already back then, so why post it in august 2013 as something exciting?

dont get it

also her conclusions are nothing new. kids in school come to the same conclusions if you simply think about what it means to sell shit in a system where growth is needed to pay back interest on a limited sphere called earth.

the problem is known for centuries and people still opt for this type of system world wide

western values and ideas to which banking also belongs are still the greatest shit populace and populations and peoples want and demand so badly to this day

humans will never grow up
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