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Message Subject Obama: Once A Homo, Always A Homo
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most presidents and people in power have had to have some kind of sodomy or homosexual indocrination wether they liked it or not... many of these people also eat human feces and also practice cannibalism and black magic. Even our fore-fathers Franklin and Washington I am very certain were perverts in their own right. Nobody gains power or develops power for the sake of giving it to others.. power is it's own reward and the power of government equals the power over people and requires black magic to manipulate.

Even back to Babylon the original 'civilization'... we traded protection from the beasts to become the prey of human hunters of the mind body and soul... trust me, men and women of power know that they have to literally dominate in order to maintain their power which means total domination, sexual, sustenance and soul.
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