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Shezmu, the leader of the Illuminati -- we must understand and think of reconciling with him

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08/19/2013 09:22 AM
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Shezmu, the leader of the Illuminati -- we must understand and think of reconciling with him
Being a non-individualist phenomenon, the Illuminati is composed of several powerful war-groups, and the most ancient, most (internally) respected of these groups, and the most numerous in terms of number of members, and the most leading among these groups, is the war-group of Shesmu, as very well seen in how Khufu's pyramid of Giza is the symbol of the whole gang.

I doubt if you can realize the sheer importance of Shezmu, and the sheer importance of Egypt, for all of us? Egypt, my friends, is the belly of the beast.

According to the biblical story, Reuben had the inheritence of Jacob as firstborn, but after he slept with Jacob's maid (i.e. demythize that) -- the birthright went to Joseph, who was associated with Egypt if anyone recalls the biblical story.

Please read this link:

[link to www.djedefsauron.net]


What say we help Anglea Micol unravel these hidden structures - by modifying our Egyptological mission so that it becomes pro-Shezmu? We must pay our respect to Shezmu, that much is clear... And once we do it, the new Osiris can emerge.

In other words, the golden age of humanity can begin anew once we understand and placate Schezmu, which implies victory of BOTH we the logicians and the Shezmu-led syllogicians (represented in the current era by the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, whose relationship with Islam is not direct, however)

That implies healing of the schisms (a word cognate to and associated with Schesmu) of the world, east west schism, black-white schism, and most importantly, syllogician-logician schism.

Please, you must understand Shezmu, and help us all by making other people understand Shezmu... all the required details are given in my webpage. I've done my part, now it's up to you to help me, comrades, and we can bring back the golden age, since Egypt is at the very center of all social forces. Be happy friends, as we nearly have victory in our quest for the Golden Age.

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