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Message Subject ....And Obama gonna take his gun? yeah right....
Poster Handle Master X
Post Content
Killing people because they steal a buck or 2 from you is just barbaric and uncivilised. That is why we have cops you savages.
Don't you value human life? Do you really think 10 bucks is more important than a human life?
I mean ffs, that is why murder is so rampant in the states, you kill each other over nothing, you just have to look at somebody sideways and boom, there goes your head cause pride is more important than life.

How do you even know the gun is real? Maybe it was just a confused teen in despiration, does he really deserve to die for 1 fuck up? Was your life really in danger? If you had just given him his money you would still be unharmed, the only thing that chances is that a human being gets a second chance at life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

It was the perp that did not value human life enough to control himself you stupid nanny state loving fag. If a human being is stupid enough to take a firearm into an establishment and threaten peoples lives in order to get "a buck or two" he's worth more to society dead than alive.

God damn you're a stupid motherfucker!
 Quoting: Chip

SO why then does it work perfectly fine in my country? People get robbed but they just give them their stuff, nobody dies in the end and crime isn't worse here. What you just don't understand is that a human life is more valuable than a stupid crime. And how do you know he really threatened their lives? He didn't shoot at them right? The onyl person threatening someone's life was the "hero" bartender.

IMO even in 100% justified self defense you should go to prison for a year or so, taking a human life is ALWAYS bad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

That last bit I just bolded was the most dumb shit I ever read. THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Also, you do know in most circumstances, the police arrive AFTER the crime has been committed. Oh, I'm dead/mugged/raped/whatever, but hey, it's okay because the police have come to clean up the mess AFTER when I'm no longer in any danger? <_<
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