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Message Subject ....And Obama gonna take his gun? yeah right....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Wow! Just wow!!

I have to make an assumption here, because I honestly do not understand the "live and let live" mentality you are spouting here. In your country, you are telling us, that it is perfectly acceptable to rob someone of their money, steal the things in their houses, maybe even carjack you at gunpoint, and the citizens accept this as normalcy? Maybe you treat your criminals too well. Here in the US, we EXPECT EVERYONE to obey the rule of Law. That is the norm, not the exception, and we dont allow someone's upbringing or lack thereof to become an excuse for bad behavior.

And how would you propose to "help" them?
Reward them for NOT robbing?
Give them Government assistance in order to stop them from having to steal?
Perhaps make donations to the local criminal's guild?

At some point every man must take personal responsibility for his actions. This is the premis that keeps civil societies civil, without personal responsibility there can be no civility.
 Quoting: Sledster

No ofcourse it is not normal, it is still punished by LAW, like it should, not by wannabe hero uncle Hank but by a judge who knows what the fuck she is talking about.

"And how would you propose to "help" them? "

Well what we do here is make sure prison sentences are not too harsh so that the person has a chance to get back into society. If you get 25 years for stealing a cookie how the fuck can they expect such a person not to be fucked up for life IF they are just petty burglars we offer them schooling and housing once they finished their sentencing, also to improve reintegration itno society. Again if you just let them rot with fellow criminals and not offer them anything you basically fuck up their lives for ever.

And how does it work?

Netherlands murders a year: 250

US murders a year: 15.000

Try to explain that Einstein.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

Netherlands population vs. USA

Netherlands 16,796,200 August 19, 2013 0.24% Official
population clock

United States 316,484,000 August 19, 2013 4.45% Official population clock

Tad bit difference in numbers, eh?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45126405

Adjusted to population it is still 4.500 against 15.000

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

Outside the military, nobody in the Netherlands is allowed to own or shoot an automatic weapon.

So what are the rules governing gun ownership in the Netherlands? Dutch gun laws are actually quite strict. Gun ownership is seen not as a right, but a privilege, with hunting and target shooting the only two legitimate reasons for owning a gun.
[link to www.rnw.nl]

You'd never survive here.
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