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Message Subject ....And Obama gonna take his gun? yeah right....
Poster Handle Indestructable
Post Content
Netherlands -

You have no understanding whatsoever of what the word logic means.

Do you know why you do not put your hand on a hot stove burner?

Because you either did it yourself already, and suffered the consequence (required tool for growth), or someone else suffered the consequence and you learned from their example.

But what if it didn't hurt when you put your hand on the hot burner? What if, because the consequence of pain was removed from the equation, you simply left your hand on the hot burner because nothing was motivating you to remove it?

It would not be long before you no longer had your hand.

There is a consequence for making the decision to seek terror and harm against anyone else. Period.

You can lay judgement all that you like upon the actions that people take to protect themselves and others from harm.
Perhaps, in the same scenario, you would have had the clarity of thought to devise an amicable resolution to the dilemma that did fit within the confines of your poorly constructed logic, but you strike me as one who talks a talk that can't be walked.

In other words, you are not real.

So I doubt it.

Since you have no problem with sacrificing your own life for "the greater good of society", feel free to go hold yourself ethically accountable for all of the "victims of societal injustice", as your philosophy of extreme enablement is exactly the societal injustice that grooms at-risk individuals into becoming desperate, sociopathic thugs who prey upon the weak and innocent.
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