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Message Subject ....And Obama gonna take his gun? yeah right....
Poster Handle Sledster
Post Content
I seriously don't understand all this hate. I mean wtf, is the USA really so backwards that they don't respect human life and let anybody with a gun (and that is basically anybody) kill people?

Look at Europe and Australia, it is undeniably much better there, no killings and no guns. How can you sleep at night knowing your neighbour has a gun, that guy you used to fight with in high school now has loads of guns, etc. etc.?

How can you send your kids to school knowing that a maniac could pull a gun at any time and start murdering your children?All studies show that guns increase the chance of violence and that people with guns have more chance to be killed by their own gun than by somebody else.

The USA is the only country with these kind of laws and it is a total shithole, worse than most warzones on earth.

I don't see how you can argue reality.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

Because an ARMED populace is a POLITE populace.
 Quoting: Sledster

yeah cause having machines that are solely used for killing makes people polite

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

You have never been here I take it?

You seem to think that the entire country looks like Detroit or something. Well, it does'nt.

I tell you what, I feel safer walking here in the middle of the night with my sidearm than I do in the Daytime in most parts of europe. Yes, I spend some time over there in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, and Paris.

Until you take the time to visit the US, you really should refrain from calling it a shithole.
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