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Message Subject ....And Obama gonna take his gun? yeah right....
Poster Handle LT Prepper
Post Content

Really, aren't we civilised? Aren't we passed the days of witchburnings and "an eye for an eye"?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516308

Silly wabbits never learn. You can't imagine into existence some force of "social evolution" to solve all of society's ills. Social Evolution is the greatest fallacy ever to pass; the prized child of Satan himself. Men are no more civilized today than they were 5000 years ago. Period.

We are "more educated" today by most accounts, and certainly we are more comfortable (on average) than 5000 years ago, but we are plainly no more "civil" - nor could you convince me that we ever shall be.

Fact is, as we slip into our technologically enabled, pampered ignorance, most people no longer possess sufficient compassion, nor will, nor even wit, to actually contribute to society at large. Other than these, of what is civil society composed?

I say that "they cannot contribute to society" - so let me be clear that "Liking" something on farcebook, or retweeting a snarky comment on an "important social issue" is not contributing to society; nor is running a charity marathon, or other such frivolous social-activist bullsheit. Such worthless activities, done to be seen as a "good, caring person" by one's peers, are simply acts of mental masturbation, plain and simple.

Indeed, what little civility we have in the world is slipping away, and most westerners are already well consigned to their own hedonistic pit of insular depravity - and are actually pleased by their "progress". Is this, perhaps, what you mean by being "civilized"?

If so, you can keep it... and I'll definitely keep my guns, as well as my definitions of civility, justice, and unalienable rights.
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