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Message Subject PIN! WashingtonTimes: U.N. comes after America’s guns Barack Obama’s OK of a gun-control treaty would destroy the Second Amendment
Poster Handle waterlily
Post Content
I do believe that this is just one of the reasons all these foreign troops are on our soil now...for this purpose. They WILL take the guns or you die. Amerikans have sat on they're fat rear ends for years while all this crap has been in the making and all they've done is drink, party, vacation, and one "convenient" thing after another...they can't even get out of they're cars for a cup of coffee OR get out of they're cars to pick up a prescription and NOW everyone is going to stand up?
What a joke.....the only think amerikans will scream for is a football game or dancing with the jerks. Amerika is getting just what it deserves....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44846186

Certainly there are Americans like that. They must be the people you hang out with.

But there are plenty of responsible, hard working American who do not fill that bill.

Look around you, for once, and ask who is driving those white service vans, putting up buildings, repairing the streets?

Apparently not the poeple you know, right?
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