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Message Subject PIN! WashingtonTimes: U.N. comes after America’s guns Barack Obama’s OK of a gun-control treaty would destroy the Second Amendment
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well there will be a pile of blood shed on that one! I know I'd take out my share and then some!!
 Quoting: ****SUPERFLY****

86% of the US military are deployed outside the Contenental USA. I hope you mean what you say brother.

Perhaps a patriot sub crew will take out the bastards before they get too far.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41089357

I do not believe that 86% of our military is overseas. If that were so they would be forced to stay overseas forever because there would be nobody to replace them in rotation. Every base in our country would be deserted except for a few MPs to man the gates. It just ain't so.

I'll hazzard that not more than 30% of our troops are overseas. If talking about land forces the number will be even lower. Then there is the fact that the national guard comprises about 40% of our land and air forces and very, very few of them are overseas.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45353097

Maybe I should have reversed it and stated 14% of our military is in a position to fight government oppression and foreign intervention. I don't have any hard statistics I can quote, but I cannot see any more than that being free to help the citizenry. I agree that the troops overseas will be stranded to fend for themselves
,paraphrasing of course.

bottom line is the 14% will chose to help, will have to do so through a direct strike on the heart of the rogue rigeim.
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