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Message Subject PIN! WashingtonTimes: U.N. comes after America’s guns Barack Obama’s OK of a gun-control treaty would destroy the Second Amendment
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NOTICE: To all March on D.C. 2013 Members. Disturbing information has come to the attention of the founders and chief Administrations of this site. We have verified information that other groups with ill intent are planning to protest in Washington, D.C. from 9/7 through at least 9/11 2013. These group are planning to use actions that are confrontational to authorities – perhaps violent and it would seem unlawful. These groups comprise perhaps the majority of people who would be protesting in that time period. This situation creates a serious problem for our group – March on D.C. 2013 – because we have no intention of being involved in anything other than activities that are peaceful, non confrontational and non violent.

Therefore, along with my co-founder of this group, we regret to inform all group members that we cannot in good faith and conscious continue to advise anyone to participate in the protest demonstrations to be held in D.C. on or around 9-7 through 9-11, 2013. The reason is obvious – we cannot risk advising people to put themselves in harms way – whether it be physical harm or risk of being caught up in what could be unlawful protests and arrested.

From today forward March on D.C. Group will only encourage members to participate in the various ‘Overpass Demonstration Groups’ and for the Let’s Roll State Capitol protests planned for September 17, 2013. As an alternative the group may also focus on staging demonstrations in large cities at the local offices of selected Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and offices of the U.S. Senators in each state.

From this time forward, we – as co-founders of this group – are not going to participate in speculation and discussion about these other groups whose verified stated ill intent of confrontational – even violent and unlawful actions. ‘Case Closed’ as far as we are concerned. As these groups are spoiling it for the rest of us, we have to go on to other more productive and effective forms of protest.

Any March on D.C. 2013 Member who travels to Washington, D.C. and participates in the protest events in the presence of these other nefarious groups does so at their own volition and their own personal risk.

[link to freedomisforus.com]
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