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Subject The Illuminati pyramid is symbolic of the letter 'A', the letter A is symbolic of the triangle, the tri*angle* symbolizes Angle and Angel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Anglo Saxon is derived from a Germanic tribe called the Angles, Angle is derived from 'Angel'.

When one thinks of an angel, he thinks of a heavenly being with wings and a harp. The truth of the matter is, the Angels were a tribe of advanced white people who founded the earliest middle eastern cultures.

The leader of the Angels was a man known as An, also known as Anu. An + gel means The People of An. The Angel tribe a.k.a. the Anunnaki then migrated to Europe, where they became known as the Angles, then Anglo-Saxons and then English. England means land of the Angles or Angels.

The letter 'A' as mentioned in the thread title is symbolic of the famous Illuminati / Masonic pyramid with the disconnected capstone. It is a triangle and refers to the holy trinity. The pyramid builders of Egypt, Mexico and elsewhere where built by the Angels, or rather the Angels used slaves to build them.

So the pyramid or tri-angle is a secret symbol of the Angles. But who were these advanced white peoples and where did they come from? Legends say that they came from the heavens and founded civilization all over the world.
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