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Message Subject Strangeness (UFO's, Dimensionals, and "The Chair")
Poster Handle Kai (VALIS)
Post Content
It seems that what we are seeing is a "system" which has been in place for a long time. Certain parties and individual "entities" are aware of this system and have been pulling strings since possibly 496AD or earlier. It essentially has to do with controlling the collective definition on reality. By doing this, these parties can create a sense of "order" but the negative effect that remains constant is the seat of power which is held by only those who have the knowledge. Traditionally, these groups seem to believe that the common people are not capable of responsibly using this knowledge and so they restrict its access. I disagree with this assessment.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

hi kai , what do you think was different before that date or any date we have records of
 Quoting: aether

496 marked a unification of sorts. The Holy Roman Empire became the single unifying force governing what would be considered "western civilization." King James's men went around burning the Old Testament and the Kabbalah (and any other work which could not be used to enforce a singular ruling ideal) and replaced them with his new "version." It seems to be the beginning of the organization of this "prison" on perception. We now see that much of the western world has been manipulated (starting with unification and rewriting of Christianity under the Holy Roman Empire) and our collective perception (for the most part) has not changed. Most of the western world still holds blindly to the notions, codes, and customs established largely in 496. It is interesting, therefor, that alpha brain waves translate to 496hz...or that amino acid #496 relates to hallucinogen receptors and perception. Perhaps some of us (who have broken these chains) have alpha brain wave frequencies that resonate higher.
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