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Message Subject Fukushima new Level 1 Incident Live Press Conference warns of new leaks at plant, unsure where leaks are coming from...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Level 1 nuclear incident today at #Fukushima. “Extremely high radiation levels” found leaking near Unit 4

Press conference now [link to live.nicovideo.jp]

From our GLP translator

OK its way too complicated to translate like this, but hes basically saying that they have some worry about tank leakage. that more than one tank is leaking and they dont know the exact points, then he is telling exactly how full each tank is (many of them above 90% full) and how many tons have leaked.
Now hes talking about how many beta and gamma nucleides have been found and which elements have been found in the water and whether that water is inside the tank or outside.

(trust me this is very high level japanese, above my level, I'm doing my best loll)

There is a pump between 10 and 11 that .. has something. Im not sure?

the tanks are all connected so when there is a problem with one there is a problem with all of them

OMG something about rain... I missed it because i was typing the last line... Tokyos gonna get rain too this afternoon.. I'm not sure, I'll have to ask a friend if they heard it. The commenters are freaking out about it.

He finishes off when they have more information they will tell.

Thats the end of his report.
 Quoting: Truthserim

We all new this from day one,only ones who did not where the japs all tanks are leaking and no one can stop them,the fall out is all over our world right now with new fall out coming in daily we are all dead in 10years is that not the truth.
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