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Message Subject Fukushima new Level 1 Incident Live Press Conference warns of new leaks at plant, unsure where leaks are coming from...
Poster Handle NiNzrez
Post Content
Kyodo News, Aug 20, 2013: Roughly 300 tons of water contaminated with radioactive substances have leaked from water storage tanks [... Tepco] said it detected in the leaked water radioactive substances emitting beta rays, with an extremely high reading of 80 million becquerels per liter [...] TEPCO said the toxic water most likely flowed into the soil. The utility has yet to identify the exact source of the leak

Calculations: Roughly 300 metric tons = Roughly 300,000 liters × 80 million Bq of beta radiation per liter = Roughly 24,000,000,000,000 Bq of total beta radiation (~24 trillion Bq)

 Quoting: NiNzrez
What dose that mean to the lay man?
 Quoting: Ablitive

this explains it well-
Understanding Radiation:
Becquerels and Sieverts
[link to tsukubascience.com]

Becquerel (Bq)

The unit of radioactive decay equal to one disintegration per second. The Becquerel is the basic unit of radioactivity used in the international system of radiation units, referred to as the “SI” units. 37 billion (3.7×1010) becquerels = 1 curie (Ci).

Beta particles are subatomic particles ejected from the nucleus of some radioactive atoms. They are equivalent to electrons. The difference is that beta particles originate in the nucleus and electrons originate outside the nucleus
[link to www.epa.gov]

What happens to beta particles in the environment?

Beta particles travel several feet in open air and are easily stopped by solid materials. When a beta particle has lost its energy, it is like any other loose electron. Whether in the outdoor environment or in the body, these electrons are then picked up by a positive ion.

How can beta particles affect people's health?
[link to www.epa.gov]

Radioactivity in some natural and other materials
[link to www.cnechile.cl]
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