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Subject Obama: Important Difference Between a Certificate - vs. Certification - of Live Birth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow I just learned the difference between the Obama released "certification of live birth" and the originally issued "certificate of live birth." ..anyone who might believe Obama publicly released a birth document proving his citizenship, will be disappointed to learn this information to say the least!

"Only the Certificate of Live Birth (the one Obama did not produce) is considered an "original birth certificate." (read the Homeland website)"

A person born in a foreign country who has been legally adopted in the State of Hawaii," is eligible to apply for an amended birth certificate. (Read the Health website)"

Although original birth certificates (Certificates of Live Birth) are preferred for their greater detail, the State Department of Health (DOH) no longer issues Certificates of Live Birth.

When a request is made for a copy of a birth certificate, the DOH issues a Certification of Live Birth." (Read the homeland web site)"

[link to www.americanthinker.com]
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