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Message Subject Obama: Important Difference Between a Certificate - vs. Certification - of Live Birth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah, now that we know the difference between the "certificate of live birth" and the " certification of live birth," we understand clearly that the document provided by Obama.. the "certification of live birth," is the exact same document issued to a baby born elsewhere and adopted to the state of Hawaii. In light of the circumstances of Obama's citizenship claims being publicly disputed, (as even Obama's own autobiography released several years before he ran for office declared his birth place as Kenya) it would have to mean that Obama must not have the other documentation or is hiding it for fear of self incrimination.

Since it is now clear that Obama is obviously hidding something about his past as is obviously not a citizen, what is it and where was he born.. who is he?

..maybe born in Kenya.. maybe someplace else. Likely not Hawaii or we would have been provided with definitive proof, such as documents.
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