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Message Subject Judgement by fire is coming! Illuminati hitman talked about it in 1997!!! ASK ME A QUESTION
Poster Handle Bastet777
Post Content
Did you read this!?

There is no problem with that because when "It" comes, "It" is a big fireball and the earth is just a little basketball. The earth passes through this fireball, as a new Big Bang, and as it passes through it turns into a crystal. A celestial heaven, clear as glass, vaporized and there is no water left. Not a star in the sky because all there is, is pure light. Just pure energy. Now if you are ready, you are ready. And if you are not, you are not.

I remembered this talk while watching this video.

Around 4 minutes she talk about crop circle last year that says we're running out of time. Then she talks about a wormhole that's going to swallow us up into 4D land! Everything else she says after that just floored me so I did Google search for [pizza site:summum.us] and found they transcribed the talk and posted it online.

This is blowing my mind!!!
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