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Message Subject Judgement by fire is coming! Illuminati hitman talked about it in 1997!!! ASK ME A QUESTION
Poster Handle Bastet777
Post Content
Nobody wants to ask a question. So I'll ask a question. Does anyone here know about flight KAL007? Corky said his team planted explosives all over the plane then jump out and managed to land in the Cobra Ball. He said their mission was to destroy all the evidence. Detonated the explosives right as the plane hit the water after being shot down by the Russians.

He told me so much and it just went in one ear and out the other. I just didn't care at the time. No GLP back then. He mentioned he started posting in online forums trying to find the guys he worked with. Then he got a visit, which scared him to the point of buying a shotgun and a glock. All I remember about the name of the organization was two words, camp and black.

Anyone got any leads for me?
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