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Message Subject If yo don't like Obama its cus ur racist!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
While it's true that a lot of people that dislike Obama are indeed doing so because of racism, and more are using racists slurs, if covert ones, against the man, some actually just dislike his policies.

For instance, If the government had asked me to sacrifice and pay ten thousand dollars a year so that poor people would have free clinics in their neighborhoods, I wouldn't complain about it.

But all the current health care bill does is demand that I, a very healthy and safe person that doesn't go to hospitals, pay fat cat insurance companies so that their execs can have larger pools and multiple homes...

Then I have to dislike that.

I realize that this is a Troll post ( Hi OP. I'm calling you names!)but it's true that a lot of people started to hate Obama instantly, before he even took office, because of his skin color.

That they're smart enough to lie about it now makes it worse, because it means they're bright enough to know that it's a bad thing to do, but are doing it anyway.

It isn't all one group however. Most people, even the white ones, aren't racist in particular. It's just that twenty percent of loud mouthed bigots that make the rest look bad.
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