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Doomsday Castle - I posted this and got banned

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31383289
United States
08/20/2013 09:26 AM
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Doomsday Castle - I posted this and got banned
We applaud your objective however disagree with the means.

We would suggest that you sell the building to someone who would like a nice hilltop castle-looking house. This suggestion is based, for the most part, on the simple fact that your location has been compromised. Within minutes of the first episode's airing, the Internet had discovered your name, address and pinpointed the Doomsday Castle location on Google Maps. This sucks and it's not something any of us should be happy about - but it's today's reality.

Out of common respect, will not publish your family name or the location of the castle but you better now start prepping for tourists, cameras and the curiouso. We all know the advantages of secrecy and by entering the national stage you have just become a major target during any impeding SHTF scenario.

We will assume, for the vanity of the show, that the Doomsday Castle is actually only a cover for your 'real' bug-out location, which you have kept well hidden.

end of post ________________________________________

I believe that Doomsday Castle is just another example of the prepper community being portrayed as bunch of paranoid lunatics. I planned on starting a website as a response from the legitimate prepper community to inform individuals of the proper reasoning and techniques of prepping.

[link to doomsdaysandcastle.com]

We could have a proper website up within days and continually add to it but.....

My question is this. Should i just forget it and save the effort or could the website actually be helpful? We don't have anything against this family and don't want to create any negative energy.