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Message Subject Does Egypt have proof that could send Obama to prison? ? Second source now
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Even the Muslim Brotherhood is too chicken-pig-shit to bring on any information about Obama. If they are going to do it they would have done it by now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1361430

Knowing how they 'think', those donkeys, they are still numb and shocked from what happened. They thought with all these powers behind them, US, UK, France and Germany, they can't be touched and that they will be restored to power. Weeks ago the wife of Morsi was on stage in Rabaa and said he's coming back soon for sure. As IF they knew something we didn't.

So the son of Shater is threatening, and then there's other stuff obviously - I just hope whoever has it won't have a heart attack or get hit by a train.

So what me and friends just discussed is, that we think that once they realize its over, and they're going down, back into the dungeons or even worse getting executed for Treason, they WILL take everyone down with them because they are all about revenge. We're just sitting and waiting, and I say again, we are not out of danger, who knows what else they might do to us. I've said since July 3rd we're being punished for what we have done, because we reject their "democracy".

Now with Badie arrested...today mixed info they selected a interim Guide, and later FJP (MB Political Party), denied it. There's loads of confusion now. Pray or send positive energy or whatever you do to all of us here. Anything can happen now.
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