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Message Subject Does Egypt have proof that could send Obama to prison? ? Second source now
Poster Handle hannah50
Post Content
This post just totally sobered me right up...and I apologize for my 'humor' post earlier. We are truly being told nothing here compared to what you've just shared. Thank you.

Well this is what they tried to do with us - western media says we have a civil war and military coup. No mention that it was people, over 22 Million signatures on a Petition to get him out of office, then 30 Million nationwide against him on the streets. he only was voted in with about 13 Million (and there was a lot of fraud and poor people bribed with food).

All the while our soldiers in Sinai get killed, rockets are being shot all over, including over to Israel except that we foiled most of the attacks. So many violations they did, torturing, killing, even in time of Morsi in office, there was no protests allowed or blocking of traffic, but they were allowed to do after July 3rd, and the west started to lecture us to allow "peaceful assembly", except that when Al Qaeda flags are being raised in their camps, people are armed to their teeth, hiding behind women&children and burning churches, its not peaceful. I would have to write a book to say it all.

And til now CNN can't say anything else except cry about their detained brothers, ignoring the 25 police executed in Sinai yesterday, but making up stories about 36 prisoners of MB dying, no mention an armed group ambushed them and wanted to release them.

France, England and Germany are the same - ignoring we have President, a Cabinet, and we just finished the Amendments of the Constitution. Its under review of the President now and after that there will be a civilian committee review and then a Referendum, then Parliament Elections and then President. And they keep sending their clowns to press the "Army" to hold quickly elections and "return to democracy". Hello????? Army isn't even in charge, just because we gave Sisi the mandate to go after Terrorists in Sinai and to protect us from violence and our National Security.

They are I have a feeling, still trying - we defused a few bombs too already. Stinks of CIA and other intelligence agencies. We are not out of danger yet.
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