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Message Subject Does Egypt have proof that could send Obama to prison? ? Second source now
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Americans like all supportive but when it comes to choosing president they always choos the same basterd. There are so many people, u can put your own government. The world starts and ends with USA. If there is WW III and i hope there isn't gonna be. But i heard they want to nuke Iran. Just to have excuse to attack. It will be the beginning of NWO.
Collapse of economy is just an excuse, deciever. real enemies are ourselves to ourselves. Rotschilds, Rockefeller, Kissingers and all other. Why don't Americans do something?
 Quoting: rezony 28400013

There is no choice here. Its a completely rigged game, you lose every time. People here just haven't hit bottom standards of living which would (hopefully) motivate them to take anti corruption action on mass scale.

USA is not run by its people, its run by banks, defense contractors, and a handful of billionaires. Very few in USA are independent thinkers and don't rely on gov for most of their needs/grid.
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