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Message Subject Does Egypt have proof that could send Obama to prison? ? Second source now
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Amazing! This is very critical and damning evidence against the OB administration! This has to get out to the right people!
 Quoting: Snake Feldman

Your bound to see it on the BBC before this is even considered by any US media. I hope by "right people" you don't mean anyone in government.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45236178


By the way judge in the video was bascially speaking to the people, not here or America, but everywhere that they should be informed.

I wonder what will happen when they let their rabid dogs loose somewhere else. I also want to say something me and other observed. Whenever a mob comes, rape mob or those hardline supporters, they all have no expression on their faces. I am not joking, they look like Zombies, a friend of mine used that word, and they also all move strange, all together. Like if they are after someone, and they get safed, like run into a coffee shop, they will stand there staring, for like several minutes, and I talk of like 20-50 men, and suddenly out of nowhere they all turn around and go away. We are wondering about this, as IF someone is telling them what to do.

Quadafi said "they are putting drugs in the nescafe of the youth" - I thought he was crazy. Not anymore....they are using some kind of drug or pills on them. And I don't mean like drugs in sense of hashish. Many have seen this and we suspect this.

Maybe the people on GLP who keep talking about the Zombie Apocalypse aren't crazy after that, maybe THOSE are the Zombies they are sending after us.

tomato You guys think that's possible? I mean to do this with a whole crowd like that? Oh and also in Syria a Documentary they said too they are so on drugs they keep running even when shot. And that's how they are able to do these crazy disgusting things, because they don't have any emotions or don't remember anything after.
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