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Message Subject Will you admit you voted for Barack Obama? Anyone?
Poster Handle *Evan
Post Content
I voted for him twice because Ron Paul wasn't on the ticket and the ones that were would have been worse than Obama.
 Quoting: Kpduties 22443238

Worse than Obama?

McCain is horrible because he is a Rino, same for Romney.

That means on the sliding scale, they are too far left to be considered true conservatives, but still to the right of Obozo....

Everything you didn't want from McCain or Romney has come to fruition under Obama anyway...and some.
 Quoting: *Evan

Yep...the more we see of McCain now....and how much or a traitor he has become, it would have ended up in the same place eventually.
...albeit....maybe a bit slower.

TED CRUZ 2016 my Conservative friends!

 Quoting: Useless Cookie Eater

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