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Message Subject Will you admit you voted for Barack Obama? Anyone?
Poster Handle *Evan
Post Content
so MANY of you are idiots and deluded ones, if your principles leave you with maumau diok up your ass, you should reconsider your principles.

You YOU WHY OWE YOU, let a proven liar and cypher take over.
That is all.
You can conjecture all you want about McCain or Romney but at least THEY didnt hate Americans or America.

You've been had, played and fucked over and you still allow them to implant their rationalizations into your brain to tolerate the devil you know rather the possibility of at least partial success or at least a relatively more benign version or politician.
You could have survived Romney, you could even have survived McCain, but you will not survive OweMaumau.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45204798

Oh yeah I'm clever, brilliant even.
Nobody can fool me, I'm a free thinker, I have principles.

That's why I wasnt fooled into voting for a cold, oh no, not the lesser of evils, I fuking voted for cancer and a bullet in the head.

I'm no dummy, nobody can control me to make a bad choice, and nobody is gonna manipulate me into voting for less than perfection....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45204798

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