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Subject White Apologist and Host of MSNBC Show Limp Ball Chris Mathews says OBAMA IS NOT A LEADER
Poster Handle Uncle Fuck Stick
Post Content
[link to www.newsmax.com]
Liberal Democrat and MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews says President Barack Obama lacks leadership skills when compared with other presidents like John F. Kennedy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

"The key political asset is the ability to sit in a room with four or five other people, and have them accept your leadership," the MSNBC host of "Hardball" said on the cable network's "Morning Joe" program.

Matthews said that while it took years for Kennedy and Roosevelt to develop their speaking skills, they worked first to build personal relationships.

"They were developing the back room skills, one-on-one skills. How you make friends. How you become [the popular] class president. How you establish the loyalty of p

More at link
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