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Message Subject Look at this obviously fake picture on Obama's facebook!!!
Poster Handle TheOriginalMind
Post Content
John Hurst Nice photoshop job. black hand, mismatching chairs and the lighting isnt right on the mother.
3 April at 08:35 · 15
Seth Martin OMG! There's a small black hand in his ribs!
3 April at 11:26 · 7
Seth Martin The more I look, the more I notice this is like one of those Highlights Kids "What's Wrong?" drawings.
3 April at 11:32 · 8
Atom Ant The alleged grandfather was added too...
11 April at 04:32 · 5
Lilac Templar de Tremelay Whole thing is fake. Massive fraud perpetrated on the American people, and half of them are so dumbed down, they can't even see it.
11 April at 04:39 · 9
Charlett Mickens Why Are People So Crazy To Think Like They Do, God Give Us All Brain To Think,Some People Just Cause They Are Now God Children So Sorry For Them.
23 April at 19:40
Carl Johnson Wow, such a story that this so called familiy picture of our POTUS, "Piece of Trash Unfit to Serve" has been photoshopped, can everyone not see his mom's hand is BLACK!!!
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