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Message Subject Gov't Report Warns More Flooding (worse) Coming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

so in school they have my daughter and the rest of kids get their sews from Channel One and today she told me that a gov't report was sent out that more flooding was coming and it will be worse and that we need to prepare.Did I miss something I can't seem to find the report and they don't say what part of gov't put it out anyone know?

You seem like a person who genuinely wants the truth. I have a thread here on the leaked 2013 IPCC climate report: Thread: Leaked 2013 IPCC Climate Report - "Terrifying statements" - UH OH

It is bad, very bad what is happening in our climate. I have a friend that studies climate change and he says we are now in "abrupt climate change". Things are going to escalate from now on. There is no going back - the jet stream is breaking.
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