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Message Subject Gov't Report Warns More Flooding (worse) Coming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ALL the world's governments are bracing for this.

It is happening NOW, worldwide.

The media, especially in the USA is FEARFUL of allowing the public to know about this.

Why? Because it confirms and validates many ancient cultures myths, legends and RELIGIONS stating that the END OF THE WORLD and RETURN OF GOD IN THE FLESH is a real event predicted time and time again, and that humanity is experiencing this... NOW.

From a standpoint of science, it confirms that there is pole shift, ice cap melt, from the heating of Earth's core, etc. Water level rise and destabilization of our entire climate.

So, they don't want people to know this... but it is not their right to decide what people do with their lives, especially if they have the knowledge that they will DIE.

Historic flooding is increasing across the planet. It's going to get much, much worse.

Thread: Thousands Evacuated Across Russia's Flood-Hit Far East

Thread: Torrential Rains Shuts Down Capital of the Philippines

 Quoting: Knowbody Special

Yes, Book of Revelation and all that.

BUT! Didn't God say He would never destroy the earth with water again?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43813351

Tell that to the people of La Plata, Argentina. Look it up...
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