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Message Subject Obama, Obama, don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
200 Coptic Christians rally in Nashville, call for peace in Egypt

More than 200 Coptic Christians demonstrated in downtown Nashville, calling for an end to the violence in Egypt.

Many chanted “Obama, Obama, don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere,” and “Pray for Egypt” while waiving Egyptian flags.

Others, like Anour Fares, held homemade signs with messages like “We are against Muslim Brotherhood.”

Amany Shahata, who has lived in the United States for 16 years, said she feared for Christians living in Egypt, whose churches had been burned down in recent days. She and other protesters blamed the Muslim Brotherhood.

“What is terrorism, but being afraid to go out of your house because someone will attack you,” she said. “... We can build churches anywhere but in our own country.”

[link to www.tennessean.com]

:Obama nurtuting :
 Quoting: No Dhimmi

Sunni Islam and its fanatical jihadist SALAFI AND WAHABI forms are the most extreme religious movement on Earth.

Salafi form is conceived by extremist known as the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in the Noth African Arab countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and so on.

Wahabi form is the other evil counter part and brother of Salafi form. Its origins is from Saudi Arabia and the Oil Gulf States.

They are the ideologies of the most pervert fanatical interpretation of the Qur'an and the prelude to the establishment of a Universal Sharia Law that they (the Sunni extremist) both wahabi and salafi, want to implement and impose on Humanity.

If these Sunni Islamic extremist movements are not stopped and Islamic extremism along with Islamic expansionism is not challenged, the rest of America will look like Dearborn MI and its surrounding areas.

When I was a young boy there were two main mosques in Dearborn. Now there are over thirty in the Dearborn area alone.

There are 5 Shi'a (Shite) mosques and over 30 Sunni mosques and that does not count the whole South Eastern Michigan area where there may be more that 100 Sunni mosques which are the breeding grounds for extremism.

What is the difference?

Shi'a are more tolerant, disciplined and secular. However, they are more dangerous if they become militantized. They are very strong willed and fight with a political cause and conviction. Their agenda is focused on politics, awareness and advanced of their community and to preserve their faith with a focus on educating their children and giving them an opportunity to live a more dignified life. But, do not mistaken or under estimate them as they are just as evil as the Sunnis with a lesser degree because it is OK to kill the enemy but, against the Shi'a (Shite) doctrine to behead, decapitate and massacre anyone who opposes them in any way or is not armed. It is their duty to fight oppression as their doctrine concedes. Additionally, they are as all most Muslim are, evil, greedy, selfish, perverted, power hungry and undoubtedly and dangerously extreme when they are confronted or have a goal in mind. They are determined and presumably known to be some of the best and most organized fighters in the middle east. They are known for their extreme fighting methods that are seen in the terrorist organization Hizballah (Party of God) and its partner Haraket Amal (Movement of Hope) which is based in Lebanon. They are never to be trusted as they will focus on there own goals an organizations.

Sunnis are the fathers and creators of Salafists and Wahabis. Their nature is what you may have witnessed in Syrian in the last two years where beheading, decapitation, slaughter, massacring of entire villages, rape, murder and other horrific crimes. They are the evil that Russia deals with in the Russian Caucuses where Islam is the major religion and makes up 55% of what was once USSR. Sunni Islam is the movement that the West is threatened by and can not compete with. Everywhere you look around the world, where they are Muslims and the majority is Sunnis, you have Oppression of women, and other faith. You also have unrest and massacring of those who don't accept Sharia Law as the Universal Law.

Sunni Muslims are somewhat opposite of Shi'a when it comes to living in the West. They are non-secular and demand that all family members follow the Qur'an as interpreted by the leading Imam or Mufti in Saudi Arabia. They focus on education but not for the of advancement society or humanity but because Allah wills it. You are taught to be better, smarter and stronger than others so that you will defeat them in the struggle to purify the world with Islam by either converting them or fighting them in Jihad, (holy war). They practice the Jihad in two ways.

1. The have the silent jihad in which they must spread the word of Allah. They must teach and convert mankind to accept Islam and worship Allah as they do.

2. The other jihad is the jihad of actual war. The duty to spread and expand Islam by the sword and in our time it is to spread and expand Islam by the gun. It is a blessing in Sunni Islam and unlike Shi'a Islam, it is not blasphemous to behaed and kill unbelievers, infidels, gentile, kafirs, kufars. Infact, in Sunni Islam it is a blessing to kill by the beheading method. It is taught that the more infidels you behead the better your position in heaven will be.

This introduction to Islam in the middle of America in the Bible belt is a direct attack on America and Christianity. It is the policy of the Obama Administration to paint Islam as a "peace loving" religion.

The only reason I can think of why children in the center of the Bible Belt are been introduced or subjected to Islam in a beautiful way is to plant a seed or begin the programing of young children to accept Islam and abandon their own faith. Peace!
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