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Message Subject Maine Gov Declares: Obama Hates White People
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Paul LePage is continuously under fire from the pissy pants democrats and snot nosed pretend republicans. He shoots from the hip and is right.
They are so pussyfied politically correct corruption oriented pukes that these cock roaches can't stand to be told off by a real man like LaPage.

He is followed, hounded, stalked, his every utterence makes the communist news pages, he is not seeking a 2nd term and Maine will resume its swirl down the toilet when he walks out.

Those pampered jack asses will not enjoy the slavery that is coming. They want satin sheets and cake and cannot see disaster on the horizon. The Bible says it best about Babylon, I am no widow, I will see no sorrow, and sudden destruction comes. What a bunch of spineless, identity hidden for FEAR of retribution, cocksuckers.

and you may quote me.
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