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Message Subject Maine Gov Declares: Obama Hates White People
Poster Handle Arete11
Post Content
I live in Maine, not dem or rep... more like NO Gov't. Not a fan of LePage, but he is right to point out that Obama, whom works for the globalist, both have had it out for the white middle class. This war has been ongoing, 1st the Bush Sr., then Clinton, then Jr., and now Obama. It is because of our love for freedom, love for excellence and industrious spirit. They have lied to us, poisoned us by vaccines, drugs, adulterated our food source, stolen our water, dumbed our children down at school, regulated our farmers and inflicted white guilt, where none should exist. If anyone is responsible for the people of color in this world suffering, it is the elitist psychopaths that have made up the rules. We are all victims of their control, time to realize this before it is too late.
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