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A Day Selling Obama Phones

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United States
08/20/2013 09:56 PM

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A Day Selling Obama Phones
We walked around toward the rear of the building, where the government offices were located. Another young man was already there, a company ID card hanging over his T-shirt. The two marketers with whom I had come informed me that this more casually clad fellow was from a competing firm. Apparently, representatives from both companies frequently came to the same corner to give away free government-funded mobile phones from different manufacturers and carriers. This was a prime contact point because of the government offices inside the building, and I expected the usual tense moment that tends to occur when two competitors are forced to operate within close confines. However, no such moment ever came. Everyone nodded a friendly greeting, and the work commenced.

The reason for the lack of competitive spirit soon became evident. It was not long before the marketer I was shadowing, signing someone up for a mobile phone, immediately referred her to his competitor. The competitor then commenced to sign her up for one as well. The marketer I was following -- we will call him Jake -- explained that these people were, in fact, allowed to have a mobile phone from each carrier. This was useful because many of them had children who needed phones, and because the minutes on each phone were limited, with a requirement that the user pay fees whenever that limit was exceeded. This general spirit of cooperation continued, with each company referring prospects to the other. Whenever someone said he already had a free government-funded mobile phone, the next question was always: "Is it the black one or the silver one?" Regardless of the answer, someone would suggest that the owner of that free phone consider getting another.

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/20/2013 09:59 PM
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Re: A Day Selling Obama Phones
All the proles much be tracked and watched at all times.